Tourists arriving min. 2 weeks after the second dose and with  the valid vaccination certificate are considered as fully vaccinated and don't have to be further quarantined.

The procedure is as follows: the first 24 to 48 hours - the stay in Level 1 hotel, 1st PCR test has to be done, if negative the person can move freely.  Children aged 2-18 are subject to PCR on day 1 if the test is negative they are released with their parents.

The non vaccinated travelers have to stay in Level 1 hotel for a period of 14 days.

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New - COVID-19 Related Circulars & Letters

A full vaccinated tourist can travel with their discharge notice, and they can go to any other tourist hotel and stay there. They can cross provisional boundaries, but the transportation must be arranged by their agent or the hotel they stay in. There are several wildlife parks and cultural sites that are open for tourists, but they must pre-book prior to visitation.

A PCR testing laboratory was established at the airport premises to perform PCR tests and issue reports in three hours for foreign tourists arriving in the country via Katunayake International Airport. "The tourists have to wait at the laboratory until the PCR test results are prepared.